Serkan Çolakoğlu
20 June 2019
Serkan Bilgici
31 May 2019

The selection of furniture carries primarily aesthetic concerns. Then comes functionality and quality. In order to contribute to this search for aesthetics, we offer alternative designs with an artistic approach. We always follow the latest trends to stay one step ahead.

Every design is valuable to us. The story of each design is different; handle, pillar, color, material, texture ... We select each details carefully and process it into our designs like fine cross-stitch works.

Melek Fatma Özbay


  • Özbay Tasarım
  • Urla / İzmir

Furniture Styles

Art Deco

Furniture Groups

Home Furniture (Dining Room, Bedrooms, and TV Units)
Children and Teenager Rooms
Baby Rooms



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