Abdullah Küçükoğlu
17 July 2019
Hakan Sazak
9 July 2019

TUNA AYSEL DESIGN STUDIO, is Nationally and internationally targeted in the area of ‘Design House’.

Since September 2014, as our esteemed poet Cahit KÜLEBİ has described in his poem "Atatürk'e Ağıt"

  “... It’s SEA is a girl, It’s girl is a Sea, the streets smell of both the girls and the sea ”   In Izmir, we serve our customers by providing competitive products and services based on common brand values.

We try to reflect the business character of TUNA AYSEL DESIGN STUDIO with values and approaches such as simplicity, elegance and innovation. We create creative and innovative applications in the fields of industrial design, architecture, interior design and mechanical design.Turkish Design ”in order to strengthen its identity, fact and awareness, we continue to support, learn, question and develop all the relevant disciplines.

Tuna Aysel


  • Tuna Aysel Design Studio
  • İzmir / Menemen

Furniture Styles

Art Deco

Furniture Groups

Home Furniture (Dining Room, Bedrooms, and TV Units)
Children and Teenager Rooms
Baby Rooms
Office Furniture



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