(English) Our Colors

Color Applications

Paint and Our Veneer Types

In addition to our tens of standard veneers and colors such as chrome, inax, golden, rose , white, black, leaf copper, ecru, we can apply any special color and veneer requested by our customers an or products.

Digital Painting

With "Digital Painting" we have implemented with the slogan of "From dream to reality", which solves one of the biggest problems with furniture accessories i.e color and pattern mismatch between the accessory and the furniture, we can apply any color and pattern you want on our products.

Vintage Painting

The accessories we have colored with the "Vintage Painting" technique keep the magnificence of the past alive on the present day furniture. In addition to our 8 standard colors, it is possible to apply Vintage painting in any desired color.

Natura Series Wood Effect

We have gained inspiration from nature, and we applied not only color and pattern but also texture of the wood on our products. With the 3D texture, the entire warmth and naturalness of wood in your furniture.

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