High Point Market 2024 with KMS

(Turkish) İntermob Mobilya Aksesuarları Fuarı 2022
19 October 2022
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High Point Market 2024 with KMS

A Meeting at the Heart of Design

Hello Dear Visitors,

Today we come to you with exciting news! As KMS, we will take part in the International Furniture, Decoration and Interior Architecture Fair, one of the most important events in the furniture world. This event is a paradise for design lovers and we are proud to be a part of this paradise.

What is High Point Market?
High Point Market is a prestigious event that brings together pioneers and innovators of the design world. It offers an ideal platform to discover the latest furniture trends in the industry, decoration suggestions and the future of interior design.

KMS Stand: Innovation and Aesthetics Meet
As KMS, we will showcase our latest designs and products at our stand and offer an inspiring experience to visitors. During the event, we will share with you the latest developments in the furniture world and give you a perspective on future trends.

We are waiting for you!
We look forward to meeting you at High Point Market 2024. We welcome you to our stand and invite you to a meeting at the heart of design. For more information about the event, follow us and visit our social media accounts.

Join us at this magnificent event and be fascinated by design!

Date: 13-17.04.2024
Location: North Carolina / United States Of America
Our stand: T1000


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